Program Admission

Admission into the Biomedical Research Experience Program is open to all students, teachers, scientists, and healthcare professionals seeking modern biomedical research training and experience.  The Biomedical Research Experience Program operates on a rolling admission cycle, and admits new students every month.

Program Tuition & Tuition Refund Policy:

The tuition for the Biomedical Research Experience Program is $1820.00.  This supports the biomedical laboratory space, modern biomedical research tools, and research organisms you will be using for your modern biomedical research project.

To confirm information about, or request a refund of your tuition, please email our Program Coordinator at  Full Tuition Refunds are provided to students who decide to drop within the first week of program participation.  Students who drop the program

Admission Procedure:

Step 1: Fill-out and submit our online student application form, which requires immediate full-payment of tuition through our safe online payment system (all major credit cards are accepted).

Step 2:  Receive an email by a member of your mentorship team to confirm your admission into the Biomedical Research Experience Program, and to schedule your first meeting in a research laboratory within the geographic area you selected (San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles Area) to begin your your 12-week research program (tailored to your personal interests, available resources, and desired schedule).